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At Gianunzio & DeSantis LLP, we value your privacy and legal matter. We provide effective, affordable legal services in civil and business litigation and other legal areas. Our team of qualified individuals has secured the highest reputation for quality work and efficiency. The firm and each partner enjoy the highest AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell.

Client satisfaction is our top priority. In addition to quality work, the firm prides itself on its reasonable rates and responsive to client inquiries. The firm devotes time and resources only in the most efficient manner to achieve the best result by resolution or trial.

The firm handles a variety of business, insurance, and civil litigation in the Bay Area and throughout northern California for corporate, insurance, and business clients as well as individuals.

The law can be complicated and the facts of each case are unique. For more detailed, specific information, or to discuss the areas in which Gianunzio & DeSantis LLP can be of assistance to you, please call us today at 510-465-5212.